The Internet has come a long way since its inception in the early 1990's. When websites first started appearing, there were no few rules to follow. Over the years, improved technology has allowed designers and developers to perfect the task of website-building into an art form. Even websites from the start of the decade have a different look and function than websites today. Savvy business owners understand that obsolete web designs must be updated just like anything else. Rather than asking if you can afford an overhaul of a website that has outlived its relevance, the more important question is whether you could afford to not update an obsolete design.

What is the Average Lifespan of a Website Design?

The world changes at a faster rate than ever before, and profitable websites must reflect that rate of change. Software and security updates in web browser programs, Internet Service Providers, and web host servers alone require regular maintenance for modern websites.

Time since your last upgrade.

2-3 Years – In a competitive market, it is time for an entirely new website. In a less competitive market, it is time to begin planning for upgrades.</p>
3-4 Years – It is time for immediate upgrades, if not an entirely new redesign.
5+ Years – If you compare with your competitors, and you will likely find that their website is more attractive, user friendly, and profitable.
Age is only one factor in the decision to update your website. It may be time to consider upgrades and redesigns if your website does not feature any of the following elements.

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In today's world, having a mobile-friendly website is not optional. It has become a necessary component of online competition. Due to the prevalence of mobile devices, online search engines such as Google now ranks websites via their Mobile Index. All websites which are not mobile-friendly will never show up in the top search results.

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Content Management System.

Whether your site traffic is bought or grown organically, your content is what brings you the hits. Content which is not managed optimally will result in a pretty website that no one ever sees. Interlinking your website for ease of navigation, optimizing your content for SEO, and even managing functions like email integration are just a few of the things a good Content Management System can do for you.

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Top Rank on Google

When it comes to search engines, Google is king, and Google knows it. Their ranking process is updated very often, and that is not expected to change. A web designer can provide a redesign that will better fit with the latest Google algorithms. It may be worth contacting us solely to have your ranking checked.

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Speed requirements.

If your website is over 5 years old, then it probably does not appear on Google's top search results. That is because any website which takes more than three (3) seconds to load is penalized in their algorithms. Google does offer some tools to help with loading times, so if your website struggles to load timely, then we know how to fix it.

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When someone goes to a website, they are seeking an answer. If your website cannot meet that need in a timely manner, then they will continue searching elsewhere. Old website designs did not reflect the current focus on user experience that is emphasized today. Our front end design increases leads through an emphasized focus on conversions.

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Modern appearance.

Today's consumer does not want to buy products or services from a dated website that looks like a throwback to the old days of dial-up. Clients often associate a business's website with its practices, products, and services, which means that an outdated design on the website will reflect poorly on the entire business as a whole. Give your website a new modern look to show your business is the best in the field.


Modern Upgrades and Brand-New Redesigns.

Even brand new websites may require redesigns if they were not designed and built well in the first place. Often this results from a failure to know and predict technological changes and updates, as well as current best practices. Though many websites often function as designed for three years, if there is an Internet shift from security or regulations, then regardless of the age of the website, then it is time to upgrade.

We can help if you find yourself in need of any of these features. Contact us for a risk-free mock-up site which will show how we can help meet your needs.

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